The new Terra Australis: Uniquely Australian, unequivocally world class

A premium Swiss-made watch, encased in a lightweight new material created in Australia exclusively for Bausele
Until now, the vast majority of ‘Australian’ watches have been made from Chinese materials. And rarely could they be considered ‘premium’. All that has been changed by Bausele, the Australian watch company.
The new Bausele Terra Australis is the first premium watch to combine precision Swiss engineering with styling inspired by Australia. It is strikingly encased in Bauselite, a proprietary material created by a ground-breaking collaboration between Bausele and South Australia’s Flinders University.
“Magnifique! What a beautiful piece of art ... it really exceeds my expectations of how it would look — far beyond the images on your website.” - David, one of the first customers to purchase a Terra Australis